Frequently Asked Questions
What are delivery charges?

We don’t have any delivery charges.¬† We offer¬† free delivery to your doorstep. Unlike Zomato and Swiggy, We don’t have any packaging charges too. The price that you see on salad pages is that price you pay, no additional charges. Completely transparent pricing.

You can check salad delivery areas, to see if we are presently serving in your area. If we are not serving your area, please drop us mail at [email protected] . We will work on adding your area in our service area.

I have chosen UPI On Delivery option, When should I make payment?

You would need to make payment at time of first delivery. You can make payment through app of your choice to [email protected] OR search for the number on Google Pay

What are payment options?

We offer two payment options:

  • Online Payment: We are using PayTM gateway to accept online payment. You have option to make payment through PayTM wallet or UPI apps. You can use GPay / PhonePay/ any other UPI app. Provide your VPA or UPI id in the field and you would receive payment request in your app. Approve the request and you are done. You will receive a 2.5% discount for making online payment.

  • Cash on Delivery: Once you place the order. You would receive the order confirmation mail. You will receive your first salad on requested date at requested slot. You can handover the cash to delivery executive OR you can ask still make payment through UPI apps. Please request for payment link over email and we will provide you a link which will provide you an option to make payment through UPI app.

What are your delivery times?

We prepare fresh salads two times a day.

In the morning, we deliver salads in between 10 to 12:30 and evening, we provide salads in between 6 to 8:30 PM

What if I do not want salad for a day or week ?

You can reschedule your salads. We have developed a self serve system where you can reschedule the deliveries. Once you login into your account, navigate to The option to change delivery date is available in my account

  • Login into your account.
  • Navigate to salad schedule tab.
  • Navigate to Upcoming deliveries table.
  • Click on the date for which you do not need salad.
  • Datepicker menu will appear.
  • Select date for which you want salad.
  • System will process your request and you would see new salad delivery date towards end of upcoming deliveries table.
Does The Health Kitchen provides delivery on weekend?

No, We donot deliver salads on Saturday and Sunday.