• The Health Kitchen reserves the right to cancel any order.
  • Your order is confirmed once you receive an email from The Health Kitchen.
  • The delivery date and time once selected cannot be modified for 1-day plan.
  • No refund is possible once the order is accepted by The Health Kitchen.
  • It is not possible to cancel the salad for same day. The Health Kitchen needs one day prior notification to update its
  • If you don’t wish to have salad for a day or specific period, you can set your holidays, and your salad subscription will be carried forward for next weekdays. You would get notification if your holidays have been set up properly.
  • Should you opt to terminate your subscription at any point, you will incur prorated charges for the salads already delivered. , with an additional Rs 250 applied as cancellation fees.
  • If a subscription is kept on Pause for more than 1 month from the last delivery date, then the subscription will be auto cancelled, and no refund will be issued in this case
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